The EASY 3-Step Trick To Getting More Eyeballs On Your Website

We all want more eyeballs on our websites, right? Well, I'm here to share an easy way for you to achieve just that. Get ready to significantly boost your website's visibility using the power of long-tail keywords! Let’s get into it…

Step One:

You've got to do some detective work. Head on over to Google and snoop around for the burning questions your audience is dying to ask. For instance "How many tiers should I have on my wedding cake?" This detective work is going to unveil the secret desires and confusions lurking in the minds of your peeps.

Step Two:

Now, here comes the magic. Open up ChatGPT, your very own genie in a bottle ready to provide you with valuable insights. Pop the question you discovered right in there, hit return and let the AI do its thing. It's like having a virtual assistant at your fingertips!

Step Three:

The answer you receive from ChatGPT is your starting point. But, to truly stand out, you need to add your own touch of brilliance. Google's algorithm values perspective and unique content. So, take that AI-generated answer and make it shine with your very own expertise. Avoid generic responses and infuse it with your unique insights and perspective. That's how you make Google sit up and take notice ;)

Congratulations! You now have a simple three-step road-map to getting more eyes on your precious content.

Moving forward, for each page on your site, think of a distinctive long-tail keyword phrase and follow the same process. Remember, stick to one long-tail keyword per page or else Google will get confused.

Make your website a valuable resource by providing brilliant answers to your audience's burning questions, and they won't be able to resist hanging out in your online haven!

So, get out there and make those long-tail keywords your secret weapon! Watch your website soar to new heights of visibility.

Let's conquer the web!

Maddy Lawrence

Fellow online business bod




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