I’m a West Countryite on a mission to get my shit together. Finding my way through my 50’s with a whole load of life experience behind me, a wee bit of baggage..

.. and a growing appreciation for the simpler things in life like camping, a space to grow flowers and food, time for creative expression and exploring beautiful landscapes.

And not to mention a handful of brilliant and funny friends and a family with so much love it amazes me.

The purpose of my blog is to inspire, educate and hopefully entertain at the same time! Anyone working for themselves will know that there is a certain amount of discipline required to get the ‘boring’ jobs done like bookkeeping, contracts and the like… and I have had a tendency to be a bit lazy in these areas.

But I LOVE the opportunities that are now available to those of us who choose or prefer not to be trapped by employment - and by that I mean being capped on our income and held back geographically.

I’m not dismissing employment as a whole, I know that for a lot of people they don’t need the freedom that I seek, and they enjoy the safety and stability of a regular salary, bonuses, paid holidays, perks etc. Especially if they have kids.

I mean, who wouldn’t want that?

But for a lot of people that opportunity may not have arisen, or maybe they just didn’t ‘fit’ the employment route.

I am one of those that didn’t fit, and I don’t have kids so..

In some ways I feel very lucky that I have the flexibility to choose how I work. But I haven’t been doing it properly. Now though, having built up a load of knowledge and a few handy skills over the last 7 years I am embarking on an exciting path

I will be writing about this in my blog articles and I hope that they bring you something useful. And if you also seek this kind of free life, I would love to have you along for the ride :)


Maddy Lawrence




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